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At Trojan Premier Bathrooms, we have over 15 years industry experience and our design experts know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to bathroom tiles. We can guide you through the design process and help bring your design to life by choosing the bathroom tiles that best suit your personal style. Whether this means hard-wearing yet ascetically pleasing marble floor tiles, granite floor tiles, ceramic tiles, mosaic floor tiles for a more individual look, white porcelain tiles for a traditional look or even glass tiles – we have built strong relationships with large tile suppliers to ensure you have a wide choice of bathroom tiles at fair prices as well as providing expert advice on all aspects of your bathroom design. We pride ourselves on our competitive prices, high-quality design services and the positive feedback we receive from our customers.

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We aim to choose bathroom tiles that perfectly match the intrinsic design ascetic that you desire. Every aspect of tile design, placement, material, texture and size is considered. We aim to craft not simply a bathroom, but a space that instantly exudes tranquillity and comfort. This could mean modern bathroom tiles, or more contemporary bathroom tiles. Less common materials, such as stone bathroom tiles, could even be considered. Our wide breadth of design knowledge and expertise allows us to scour the industry to find the right tile flooring and wall tiles to bring your design vision to life.

As well as assisting with the design process, we can also install and repair bathroom tiles. Our skilled and highly accredited tradesman will work to ensure the chosen floor tiles and wall tiles seamlessly blend into the overall look of the bathroom, through robust and long-lasting installation techniques.

We are based in Godalming, and cover Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, and South West London.

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